The Project

The Project

MELOS project focuses on training and education needs of people with light mental disabilities aiming to achieve the development of cognitive, perceptual and kinetic skills through an enjoyable, creative and interactive learning experience with musical instruments.  

Learning a musical instrument is addressed to everyone regardless of the degree of functionality and disability, so that no one is excluded from the process of learning. This implies the coexistence, rather than the separation, of people with different degrees of functionality and that is the main objective of MELOS.

The project, by utilizing a game engine platform offers a dynamic interface that serves the needs for both self-learning and live training for Musical Education through light and optical stimuli. 

Why Music?

Dealing with a musical instrument helps these users to develop kinetic skills, such as fine and coarse mobility on the limb function, audiovisual coordination etc. Moreover, social and communication skills that shape the psycho-emotional part of the individual are being aided through the music experience. Thus, music education encourages the development of interpersonal relations and socialization, interaction and communication, participation and integration into a whole, self-control and self-limitation, taking initiatives and risks, creativity and self-expression, empowerment, self-esteem, etc.

Melos method

The method intended to be applied has already been successfully piloted by Dr. Ioannis Makris, PhD (music conductor/development leader in the present project) under the title 'M.E.L.O.S'- Musical Education Light and Optical Stimuli. The name of the method (MELOS) has a double meaning in the Greek language; musically the word is used world-wide to signify the succession of musical tones constituting a melody but also, it means member of a group. Throughout the development and piloting of the method it has been proven that in a very short period of time (about a month) the trainees were able to participate energetically in an orchestra and play music as a group.


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